Please let me tell you a few things about myself so you can decide if I may support you with your health goals.

Being "mature," I’m still discovering new ways to blend my passion and skills to support people who seek proven ways to a better Life.

I believe the thoughts we think create our World. I value humor, joy, and willingness so we grow beyond our comfort zone.

I have advanced degrees in Education & Dance and I’ve been teaching for 30+ years in Health & Wellness. Since 1979 I’ve been deeply involved with the wonderful community of the Rolf® Institute as a practitioner and Emeritis faculty.

I’ve danced professionally and trained aerobic instructors. My dance background enables me to explore movement fully and discover a strong kinesthetic sense of what it means to be alive in our bodies.

This year I am a certified teacher for Booty Barre, a dance based fitness class. My focus is working with women & men who are 50+.

I love to cook, walk Mona (our goofy poodle), weight-train, dance. paint and spend time with my husband, Pat. And I am Max’s grandmother.

I have so much to be grateful for.

For over 30 years “Health & Wellness” has been my life-long passion and dedication. My current career encompasses:

Certified Advanced Rolfer

Rolf movement, Cranial Sacral therapy Instructor

Rolf Institute Faculty , Emeritus

Lady Jane Health Anti-inflammatory Supplements

Booty Barre Certified Instructor

Please let me know how I can support you.